Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to download the artwork?

Each artwork is sent to the client through a 48 hour expirable link from the time it is purchased. If for some reason you need the link re sent, no problem! Just email

How large of a size can each artwork be blown up?

Most artwork on this site is scanned at either a 300 DPI or 600 DPI and is specified on the purchase page for each item! I recommend only going double the original size of the painting in order to preserve the integrity and clarity of the work. However certain works can go larger, even three to four times larger depending on the type of image it is. Please work with the graphics department to better understand how large a file can realistically go.

The photos are all 2500 PPI and can be enlarged to the recommended size on each purchase page.

How long can I keep the artwork/ how long do I have to return the artwork?

You may keep the artwork for the duration of your paid rental period. The weekly rental is up to 7 days, and the monthly rental is up to 4 months. If you purchase a print edition you can keep it forever! Clients have a one week grace period to ship the artwork back after the rental period is over.

What’s the replacement fee if I don’t return the artwork?

The fee is 5X the cost of the rental.

How do I pay for an artwork that was lost onset? 

The simple solution is to visit our Rental Return page on the side bar of this website. There you can select the checkbox “pay the replacement fee” enter the credit card and sign at the bottom of the page!

Can I get an original piece of art and how much does it cost?

On the sidebar of this website there is a page called “Request Art” if there’s a specific type or style of art that you are looking for you can commission one of our artists to make it for you. Just head over to the page and select one of the artists you’d like to contact to get started. The cost is up to the discretion of the artist. 

What is the larger mission of Starving Artist?

Founder, Heidi Day Wenzel, has been a working artist for many years in New York City and has seen how hard it is to support oneself being an artist! This website strives to fill an ongoing need for cleared art in the film industry as well as support local artists, and redistribute some of the money being put into the local prop houses for overused and reused art. Heidi sees this as solving two problems at once, the problem of artists getting exposure and compensation, and the clients need for cleared art.

Will there be more art added to this website?

Yes! The more people use the site, the more artists we will be able to take on! We are looking forward to a revolving door of talent pass through this platform. Keep returning to the page to see!

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